Is Prevent Con 2018 right for you?

Hear from Corey White, SVP Worldwide Consulting Services at Cylance on why attending Cylance Prevent User Conference 2018 is a must for today's innovative information security leader.

Why You Should Plan To
Attend Prevent 2018 

In a world of detect and respond, the idea of prevention seems like a distant, unattainable ideal. But Cylance customers like you know the power of a machine-learning-based system for the prediction and prevention of cyberattacks against your home, your SOC, or your global organization. 


Cylance is on a mission, a crusade really, to provide true prevention using artificial intelligence and machine learning. That’s what PREVENT18 is all about. You’ll receive hands-on training and accreditation with Cylance security experts—a $1,500 value. You can also attend a meeting with a ThreatZERO security expert and more than 20 sessions delivered by renown leaders in information security. 

Rather than giving all of you more haystacks to find needles, we want to give you stacks of needles. Just the needles. We want to help you get the most out of your investments in Cylance products and services so that you can go back to your organizations with continued peace of mind knowing you can achieve a state of true prevention. In short: our peers offer fear; we offer hope. 


We believe that a prevention-first solution is the key to solving your cybersecurity challenges—and we believe Cylance has the most comprehensive and sophisticated machine-learning-based platform in the industry, capable of preventing the most notorious and advanced cybersecurity attacks. 

Please visit us in Huntington Beach for Prevent18 and connect with us one-on-one to better understand current security challenges. Discover the ways Cylance can get ahead of the adversary by predicting and preventing cyberattacks, today and tomorrow. See you there!


Stuart McClure
CEO and Founder, Cylance

Seize the opportunity to:

  • Learn from experts, advanced users and members of the Cylance product and services teams

  • Network with security executives and peers to trade best practices

  • Develop deeper skills in using Cylance solutions to best protect your endpoints

  • Get the latest information on new Cylance products and capabilities

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