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Accreditation Workshop?

Cylance Security Professional (CSP) Accreditation Workshop

The CSP Accreditation is designed for cybersecurity professionals who want to advance their careers by obtaining accreditation with cutting-edge technologies that prevent malware and day-zero attacks from executing on corporate endpoints. The course will take place on Monday September 17th and Tuesday September 18th and you must attend both days to receive the accreditation.  

Obtaining a CSP accreditation lets people know the recipient has thorough 

administrative knowledge of CylancePROTECT® to secure organizations from 

ransomware, fileless malware, and other advanced threats.

What is the course objective? 

Attendees will be able to explain Cylance® technology in detail, and install, configure and deploy prevention-based endpoint security throughout their operating environments 


What is the course structure? 

The instructor-led live session combines lecture, interactive exercises, group discussion and hands-on labs. 

What is the course sequence and topic learning objectives? 


Module 1: Introduction To Machine Learning and Cylance Resources 


  • Explain machine learning in the context of artificial intelligence 

  • Explain the difference between supervised and unsupervised ML 

  • Describe how Cylance uses ML as a solution that provides prevention to endpoints 

  • Explain how CylancePROTECT identifies malware to those not familiar with AI/ML using analogies 

  • Describe how to obtain diagnostic and support related information using the Cylance management console 

  • Identify support resources provided by Cylance.

Module 2: Cylance Technology Overview and Platform Solutions

  • Explain the main features of CylancePROTECT 

  • Describe how CylancePROTECT differs from traditional AV 

  • Describe the features of CylanceV™ and the use cases where it would be beneficial

  • Explain the value proposition of CylanceOPTICS™ and how it integrates into a CylancePROTECT environment 

  • Describe the EDR capabilities of CylanceOPTICS, what data is collected, and where it is stored

​Module 3: Deployment and Installation

  • Define a zone and how zones apply to devices

  • Explain how to use zones to manage a group of devices

  • Create a zone rule and describe how devices can be automatically grouped

  • Explain zone best practices

  • Describe where to configure policy settings

  • Explain how to find information about various policy options

  • Identify important installation options during a deployment

  • Describe uninstallation settings

​​Module 4: Administration and Threat Management

  • Explain the different user roles, when they are used, and how they differ 

  • Construct the Syslog/SIEM settings for exporting venue console events 

  • Demonstrate how to access your account settings and view the audit log 

  • Explain the graphical data on the dashboard 

  • Prioritize threats found in the environment 

  • Explain the three threat priorities and how the priority is calculated

  • Describe the Cylance Confidence Score and the difference between unsafe and abnormal

  • Describe how a file is scored when offline vs. online 

  • Explain how to download the Threat Data Reports and understand their importance 

  • Explain how to sort threats by priority

  • Explain how to conduct basic threat investigation utilizing the threat details page

  • Explain what threat indicators are and why they are important

  • Describe how to view, waive, and quarantine threats on a specific device

  • Explain how to view devices and assigned zones and policies

  • Describe how and when the device communicates with the console 

Module 5: Troubleshooting and Support

  • Describe how to troubleshoot basic application and performance issues

  • Explain what settings in device policy can cause application and performance issues

  • Explain the three places that verbose agent logging can be enabled and when it should be enabled

  • Identify top support scenarios and basic troubleshooting steps for those issues

  • Describe how to gather logs and use the support collection tool in preparation for contacting support

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